Fountains & Waterfalls + Services

A formal statuary fountain or a natural appearance Rock waterfall both have the ability to easily set the theme for any landscape , Courtyard or Lanai.The Happy Fish Guy

Fountains Services Checklist

Assess initial overall appearance of fountain or waterfall

Observe Clarity of water

Test water parameters

Check the Splash Zone of fountain or waterfall and adjust splash accordingly

Remove any debris leaves flowers sticks lawn clippings exedra

Brush scrub water service line

Check equipment pumps, filters. lights. timers. and fountain heads

Perform water exchange when necessary brush clean Fountain statuary and waterfall rocks

Apply required water care additives

Fountains or waterfalls service as low as $35 / month

Watergardens Services Checklist

Assess overall initial appearance of water garden and surrounding area

Check growth and health of plants

Test water parameters

Pluck prune and trim aquatic plants

Fertilize aquatic plants

Brush scrub water service line

Check the equipment pumps filters heaters Chiller timers & auto fish feeders fountainhead’s excetera

Use Skillet to remove any debris leaves flowers sticks grass trimmings Exedra

Brush scrub Fountain heads and waterfall rocks to remove algae

Preformed water exchange when necessary

Apply required Water Garden additives

Disperse water color shading aqua blue or mirror black paragraph

Water Gardens can be run with small solar powered equipment

Water Gardens can add vibrant colors to any landscape or patio.

Water Garden services starting at $55 /month