Ponds + Services

The pleasant sound of dripping trickling splashing and gushing water all have stress relieving relaxing qualities. At the same time having a tendency to cause the environment to seem cooler in temperature.The Happy Fish Guy

Services Checklist

Assess overall initial appearance of pond and surrounding landscape

Observe behavioral interactions of inhabitants

Feed the fish a small amount to ensure all are eating and to see the pecking order

Visual medical “check-up” of inhabitants (looking for any signs of stress disease or damage)

Check the equipment- pump filters, chiller timers, automatic fish feeders, fountain heads, etc.

Test water parameters

Brush scrub water service line

Use Skim net to remove any debris such as leaves, flowers, sticks, grass trimmings, ect.

Brush scrub to remove algae from fountainhead’s and waterfall rocks

Prune and fertilize aquatic plants

Trim back terrestrial plants along outside of pond

Preformed water exchange when necessary

Apply required Pond care additives

Disperse water color shading solution; aqua sea blue or reflective mirror black

Koi pond service plans starting as low as $75 / month